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DJW TECHNOLOGY assisted the NREL and the U.S. DOE with the preparation of the Roadmap on Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy (PDF 2.04 MB). The participation included preparation of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Production sections of the roadmap. The roadmap consolidates recommendations from hydrogen power experts in the federal government, universities, national laboratories, and industry. DJW TECHNOLOGY participated in the setup and coordination of the Manufacturing R&D for the Hydrogen Economy Workshop for the DOE in July 2005. Led by DOE, the workshop was supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and coordinated with the Manufacturing R&D Interagency Working Group of the National Science and Technology Council.

DJW TECHNOLOGY completed and submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy the draft document “2007 Status of Manufacturing: Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cells”, Technical Report, NREL/TP-560-41655, July 2007”.

Under contract to the NREL, DJW TECHNOLOGY, LLC conducted an independent review of the process used by the U.S. DOE to estimate the PEM fuel cell costs. An independent review team of industry fuel cell experts was formed to evaluate the cost estimation process and the results developed by TIAX Inc. for the U.S. DOE. This team established a consensus/unanimous technical conclusion based on interviews with 19 fuel cell and fuel cell component manufacturers, national laboratories, and deliberations over February – May 2006. This independent review is available at the U.S. DOE web site

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